Jennifer Aniston TV commercial New Emirates Ad : VIDEO

Jennifer Aniston adorably stars in her latest commercial for the luxurious Emirates Airlines, and this time the former Friends star befriends a cute little boy named Cooper, who happens to be playing with a model plane in her first class seat. Serving as Cooper’s “co-pilot,” Aniston stops to “refuel” with some tasty carrot juice at the plane’s bar.

Jennifer Aniston TV commercial | A380 | Emirates

Jennifer Aniston TV commercial | A380 | Emirates

“So you want to fly planes when you grow up, huh?” the actress asks her new friend.

“Yeah, but this is the best plane, Jen, so I only want to fly this one,” he tells her.

But it’s Cooper’s parents who get the real surprise when the A-lister shows up at their seats after having escorted their son all the way back. She then trades seats with Cooper’s mom, who the flight attendant assures Aniston is “doing just fine,” as she closes her private compartment for some rest. This isn’t the first ad that Aniston has done for Emirates. Back in October 2015, she also starred in a commercial where she had a nightmare about not being on a plane with a shower or bar.