Explosive Dance Portraits By Alexander Yakovlev

Photography might not steal your soul (except for selfies), but it’s adept at capturing the intangible magic of the moment. And few do it better than Alexander Yakovlev with his dance photography. He has a good eye for dancers and scene composition, catching them at their most expressive and dynamic. Watching a dance live, the eye wouldn’t have time to register the majesty of all the moves Dance Portraits By Alexander Yakovlev.

Explosive Dance Portraits By Alexander Yakovlev

Dance Portraits

But Yakovlev’s photography gives the chance to appreciate the art done of the moving human body, and the incredible grace of ballet. More than that, his flour series captured movement well, like a real life version of motion lines.

Alexander Yakovlev is Russian photographer out of Moscow. While his university education is in law, his passion is dance photography. Yakovlev also does occasional shoots of female fitness athletes and his works are featured in fitness magazines. (Credit – www.demilked.com)

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