Messi vs Ronaldo: BATMAN v SUPERMAN |Cartoon Parody El Clásico 2016 Dawn of Justice

No doubt the biggest movie to hit cinemas this Easter Weekend will be Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. For fans of the superhero genre and of DC Comics, the highly anticipated clash of the titans is finally here. It’s one of the age old superhero arguments. Who would win a fight between Batman and Superman? And each competitor holds just as strong a case as the other Messi vs Ronaldo.

Like Clark Kent could easily melt Bruce Wayne into a puddle with the heat vision from his eyes from miles away. But whatever. That’s none of my business.

video via – 442oons

Today we bring you a fantastic spoof of the Batman v Superman argument… in the form of the Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo debate.

Just like the superhero rivalry, the Barcelona forward and the Real Madrid superstar are always the topic of heated discussion between fans. And again, both have strong cases to argue.

Thanks to animators 442oons – who create hilarious cartoon spoof videos depicting the biggest names in football – we’re about to settle the debate once and for all.