Epic Fail Gif | These people that never saw disaster coming

Thanks to CompuServe Epic Fail Gif and their animated Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), watching Epic Fail Gif has never been more satisfying, or educational. So, as you skim through these fail GIFS you may want to take some mental notes, like always check the wall for a door before kicking it down, don’t punch grinning street signs, and whatever you do, stay in school! This time we are going to show you what the moment right before an epic fail looks like: the second just before falling into a pool, before being hit by a ball right in the face or the exact moment somebody realizes that trying to jump off a swing wasn’t a good idea at all.

We think some of the following pictures are totally funny, share with us your favorites, or even better if you have some photo relevant to the topic just post the link in the comments.

Epic Fail Gif