36 Million Americans Have Done THIS Naked

If you can’t stand the heat … Picture yourself preparing a delicious meal for your bae. You’re slicing, dicing, sautéing and even deep-frying, and you’re doing all of it completely naked Million Americans.

Well, according to a recent survey from meal-delivery service HelloFresh, 15 percent of U.S. adults, roughly 36 million people, admit that they’ve cooked in the nude.

Aren’t they worried about getting hurt? There are many dangerous things in the kitchen. I don’t like using a mandolin to slice vegetables when I’m fully clothed, and I avoid any recipe that calls for a flambé, because I’m worried that I’ll singe my eyelashes off, or worse.

One in five Americans said that someone who cooks well is just as much as a turn-on as someone who has a nice body. Could that be the reason so many people are cooking in their birthday suit?

In addition, almost one-quarter of the respondents admitted to using their cooking skills to impress and/or seduce a companion. Though, if you’re dead-set on cooking without clothing, you should strongly consider raw foods. I’ve never heard of anyone injuring their private parts with a salad-spinner. Read More