How to charge a phone from the rail tracks. Measuring voltage on the railway.

How to charge a phone from the rail tracks. A cell phone is a must if you want to get anywhere in the world these days, so having a full battery is very important. Unfortunately, charging stations aren’t always available. So what do you do when you need your phone, but there’s no charger in sight?

If you’re as brave as this guy, you could always use train tracks to charge your device. Okay, that’s not realistic, but his experiment is worth checking out! If you’re desperate (and I mean really, really desperate), this could be a viable solution. But if you get in trouble for doing it or you end up in the hospital, don’t say I didn’t warn you.n the video, the voltage is about 2.5 to 3 volts, enough to supply a small amount of power to the phone. However, on Reddit where the video was posted yesterday, some users suggested that doing this can cause problems, such as creating an apparent fault on the line, which can mean that other trains are stopped or held.

How to charge a phone from the rail tracks :

#Warning Don’t try this yourself. Really, don’t. It’s incredibly dangerous, not to mention illegal.