Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: 19 things that don’t make sense in this nonsensical movie

Needless to say, major spoilers for the whole of Batman v Superman follow 

I can overlook plot holes; every story has them. Heck, even the stories you tell about your own life have plot holes, because nobody has time to recount every single incident that happened, every thought you had.

That’s all plot holes are, usually: information we just don’t have that we shouldn’t worry too much about missing as long as everything else is working. The problem arises when the plot holes are so big that they become sucking voids, devouring everything around them. And things only get worse when characters’ actions and emotional logic are jerked around by the dictates of the plot.

Batman v Superman has a lot of plot holes. Some are nitpicks. Some are minor and can probably be waved away. Some are legitimate story problems. But what’s unforgivable is how many moments of character-defying illogic the movie contains. They erode trust in its ability to tell this particular story. Read Full Article At VOx